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IQF Fruits - Individually Quick Frozen Fruit - Kabako Gruppe

Aseptic Fruit Purees & Frozen Fruit Purees

Kabako Gruppe is a family owned company with its headquarters and production facilities located in Opole Lubelskie, Poland. We specialize in the production of frozen fruits and vegetables, supplying to all sectors of the food industry – worldwide.

At Kabako Gruppe, we manufacture aseptic fruit processing and frozen fruit purees .
Our fruit ingredient division has conventional, natural and organic base aseptic processing capabilities, plus a number of packaging options such as bag 'n box, drums and totes. We offer bases for dairy and non-dairy yogurts, ice creams, smoothies, kefirs, beverages, cottage cheeses, toppings, parfaits, fruit based frozen desserts, shakes.

Our quick freezing technology along with experience, innovative processing solutions and constant development, allow us to meet our various customers precise needs, as we remain a leading and reliable parter to the global IQF fruits and vegetables market.

100% natural, deep-frozen fruit purees in bulk packs (drums, BIB). All fruits are sun-ripened at harvest, processed at the peak of freshness, and gently conserved through deep freezing with no additives whatsoever. Aroma, flavor, and nutrients are thus optimally preserved. Our fruit purees are valuable, 100% natural ingredients for the industrial food processing sector.

100% fruit              gluten free

no additives           GMO free

no concentrates     vegan 



Contact us

Kabako Gruppe Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością 
ul. Przemyslowa 42
24-300 Opole Lubelskie – Poland
Phone: +48 81 827 40 40
Mobile UK: +48 505 035 117
Mobile RU: +48 602 30 30 90
Fax: +48 81 827 25 66
E-mail: kabako@kabako.pl

New invoice details:

Kabako Gruppe sp. z o.o.
ul. Przemysłowa 42
24-300 Opole Lubelskie
VAT Number PL 7171837518


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